News Headline- Going2Uni Online Virtual Fair

June 2020 \\ News Category

Going2Uni will be running the 4th in the series of virtual fairs in December 2020. The virtual fairs are aimed at UK international students as well as international school students across the African region. Aside from providing services to international students in the UK our Team have worked closely with international schools in key African locations since 2004. We have been providing various talks and seminars to the continent during the lockdown season. Going2Uni is proud and honoured to have been the premier international students' fair in Cambridge since 2009. It has been a great pleasure serving our students throughout the years and we even more committed to our students and the exhibiting colleges and universities during these uncertain times.

News Headline- Special Guest Series

June 2020 \\ News Category

As students, parents and Guardians are home in most parts of the world we are commencing our Guest Series this month where an invited speaker will be online to share with our listeners their journey of studying abroad especially the highs and lows and what students and their parents must be aware of before making the decision. It promises to be an impactful and fun session. Look forward to seeing you there. For more information visit:


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