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Our virtual university fairs have been tried and tested by some of the leading Universities across the globe. Unlike most fairs that use platforms like Zoom etc. we have designed the virtual fair experience using the best online infrastructure and software to ensure you recruit more efficiently, effectively, and affordably. With our fairs you can connect with prospective students who are in different stages in their search and application journey as well as international students and schools within and outside the UK. Exhibitors will be able to answer their questions online during and after each fair. Use the virtual booth to disseminate all the information you want about your college or university. All our colleges and universities receive the contact information for the students that participate. As well as the contact information for the students who request more information about your institution!

The site will be available 24/7 for students to explore and leave questions.
Students can learn how to navigate your university options during COVID-19 and beyond


March Virtual Fairs: 17th to 19th March 2022
April Virtual Fairs: 21st to 23rd April 2022
June Virtual Fairs: 16th to 19th June 2022
August Clearing Virtual Fairs: 17th-20th August 2022
September Virtual Fairs: 22nd-24th 2022
November Virtual Fairs: 17th-19th November 2022
December Virtual Fairs: 15th-17th December 2022

Location: Online

 Annual Cambridge International Students' Fair

Annual Cambridge International Students' Fair Going2Uni which was first organized in 2009 has since grown to be the leading event of its kind in Cambridge and East Anglia. It connects UK universities with international students who are thinking about further studies in the UK. Going2Uni team have worked with schools in Cambridge and surrounding towns and cities for several years now. During this time, we have established excellent relationships with the schools that receive high international student numbers. At Going2Uni our support for local international students extend beyond the fairs hence we host regular other events before and after the fairs to further support students as they decide and prepare for future studies at university
We have also invited international schools' mainly from Africa who have used the fairs as part of their student activities whilst visiting the UK.


May Physical Fair (Cambridge) 6th May 2022

October Physical Fair (Cambridge) 6th October 2022

Location: Cambridge